Should You Date A Co-Worker?
Our entire lives are guided by emotion. Love and hate are two of the most powerful. It’s an unpleasant work environment when the former turns to the latter.
Man Quits Job Via Cake (PHOTO)
THIS IS AWESOME.  This guy resigned from his 9 - 5 job so he could pursue his real passion, making cakes. It doesn't seem like this was meant to be a jab at the boss man - but do you think it was?  What's the greatest job quitting story you have heard...
Guy Gets Job By Putting His Face On Billboard
It’s so tough to find a job out there that no gimmick is too desperate or pathetic. Just look at a guy from Minneapolis who was so hard up for a job that he blew his meager funds for some face time on an electronic billboard, begging someone — anyone — to hire him.
Can Your Facebook Photos Cost You a Job?
The age of Big Brother is truly upon us.
Last week the Federal Trade Commission approved a company called Social Intelligence, which touts itself as a modern way for firms to screen potential employees.