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What Phobia Does Justin Bieber Have?
If you are going to shake hands with Justin Bieber, make sure your hands are very clean. The singer admitted in a recent The Sunday Times profile that he hates having sticky hands and has to use a washcloth whenever his paws get dirty.
Justin Bieber Talks About Getting Engaged
Justin Bieber seems totally taken with his lady love Selena Gomez and why wouldn’t he be? She’s a stunner. However, he’s 18 and she’s 19, yet the media is trying to fast track their relationship and push them into an engagement. The Bie…
Justin Bieber Is Beaten to a Pulp on Complex Cover
Beliebers of the female sort, prepare to cringe, as Justin Bieber is beaten to a pulp on the cover of the 10th anniversary issue of Complex, which is also the mag’s April/May 2012 issue. We also get to watch The Biebs box in the accompanying behind-the-scenes video. Granted, it’s all CGI blood and g…
Justin Bieber’s Birthday Celebration Photos Revealed
Justin Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday in several big ways. He was showered with gifts on Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show, receiving a car, hanging out with a superfan and chilling backstage with Sophia Grace and Rosie. His father even had his initials inked on his side!
Despite those very public presen…

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