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Katy Perry Reveals That ‘Roar’ Is About John Mayer
Katy Perry and John Mayer are getting super serious, but as anyone who's followed their tumultuous relationship knows, they've had quite a few ups and downs -- including quite a few splits -- in between. Thankfully, though, those are behind them ... and they even inspired Perry's smas…
John Mayer May Propose to Katy Perry
John Mayer and Katy Perry are back together in a big way. It's not only good for their careers (they keep gushing about one another to the press to promote their new albums 'Paradise Valley' and 'Prism'), but also for their hearts. Turns out, Mayer is even considering taking…
Katy Perry Morphed in ‘Roar’ Teaser Video
The official video isn't out yet, however this is pretty cool.  Katy starts off as a young toddler and is morphed to her later years.  It reminds me of Michael Jackson's Black or White video.  Pretty cool stuff.  What do you think?  -mO

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