Miley Cyrus And Her New Tattoo (PIC)
Miley has been quite the bad girl in the recent months. Or that's how the paparazzi have have made her seem. They have even managed to snap a shot of her 5th tattoo. You might be thinking "FIFTH tattoo?" but it's got a surprisingly good story behind it.
Carrie Underwood Concert Photos!

This was my view of the Carrie Underwood Show last night!  I thought she was an amazing singer, and that the show was great!  The place was packed and it was a ton of fun!
Christmas Stroll Photo’s
First and foremost, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who stopped by the MY 103.5 Haven Photo Booth this past Saturday at the Christmas Stroll!  We had so much fun!  A huge thank you to Ashley Stevick from Sydian Photography for taking all the shots...