Dog Teaches Puppy How To Go Down The Stairs (VIDEO)
We all know that I am a SUCKER for dogs, and this video is possibly my favorite ever.  It shows the trust that young dogs get with the older dogs in the house - and is just cute as heck.  Hey, we all have to take advice from our elders at some point in our lives...
Puppy vs. Orange (VIDEO)
I am a SUCKER for dogs.  My fiance and I have 3 of them, and we are constantly getting a good laugh at what they do.  This video is of a puppy trying to catch and figure out an orange - and it's pretty cute.  A great distraction for your Monday at work :)
National Puppy Day
WOOHOO!  Today is National Puppy Day!  The goal of today, is to promote adoptions from animal shelters.  I have three rescue dogs, and they are so filled with personality that I wouldn't have it any other way!  Thinking of getting a new puppy or dog...