Fire Hydrant Winter Safety – Dig It Out
With lots of snowfall, cold temperatures AND street maintenance plowing snow off the streets, you may not be able to FIND the fire hydrant near your house anymore. Time to get out that shovel and get it done.
Is Your Favorite Gallatin Valley Restaurant Safe?
We've got some fantastic restaurants and eateries in the Gallatin Valley. From steak houses to sandwich joints, it's nice to know that YOUR favorite place to eat passes muster with the Gallatin County Health Department.
Are My Eclipse Glasses Safe?
If you found yourself rushing around to get eclipse glasses, you may have ended up buying them from someone just looking to make a buck. Please check here to see if your eclipse glasses are actually safe!
Moberry Bicycle Safety Clinic Today
Parents - check the safety of your kiddo's today at Moberry!  Bring your kiddos by the Moberry Parking lot on Monday, September 9th from 3:30-5pm for our Moberry Bicycle Safety Clinic. Classes taught by the Bozeman Police Department, helmet fitting and give-away by Child Care Connections a…
Heidi Klum Saves Drowning Son And Nanny In Hawaii (PHOTOS)
In a "very scary" moment yesterday for the Klum family, mama bear Heidi jumped (or swam) to the rescue of her son 7-year-old Henry and his nanny.  The clan was vacationing in Hawaii, when a riptide pulled her son quickly away from shore.  The nanny also got caught while t…
A New Years Message From Undersheriff Brian Gootkin
Please be careful this New Years Eve!
CONTACT: Undersheriff Brian Gootkin, 582-2125,
There Are No Festivities in Jail
Remember: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over
Gallatin County— As you celebrate the holiday season enjoying traditions, food, family and fun, keep in mind that the Ga…
Distracted Driving Continues To Cause Problems Across State
This article was online this morning - what do you think about Distracted Driving?  Should cell phones be illegal while driving?  ~Erin
The Montana Highway Patrol reported almost 100 deaths on the road linked to distracted driving in 2009 as opposed to 63 deaths related to alcohol.