Saving You Restroom Embarrassment With Fresh Air Plus
The bathroom is gross. Period. What's the worst part? Well, we all know the answer to that. At work - even worse! I will go to extreme lengths to avoid getting comfortable in the office loo. Yes, I said "loo". It's embarrassing. This Kickstarter project may change all tha…
Quadruple Amputee WALKS Down The Runway During NY Fashion Week
New York Fashion Week isn't for the masses. We can't relate much to the models walking down the runway in designs we'll never see in our local Target. It's also not likely we'll wear a giant peacock feather with lights spread across our back and arm. This year, however, NYFW…
Boy Gives Foul Ball To Girl Behind Him
There has GOT to be a song written about this little boy. Boy goes to Red Sox game. Boy notices adorable girl sitting behind him. Boy nabs foul ball. Boy turns around and gives foul ball to adorable girl. They lived happily ever after.
Celebrity Nude Photos Being Used In Art Exhibit
More and more celebrity photos are being released to the public. They've been hacked and it's not pretty. I can't even imagine what each person is feeling knowing the photos are out for us to see. Now, an artist is making the photos even more public - at least for Jennifer Lawrence an…

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