Whoops! I Think Our IT Department Is After Me
I'm convinced our IT department is after me. I'm avoiding coming into contact today. This means I have to keep on the move and always be aware. Yesterday, while Googling a story, I typed in "Naked Celebrity Photos" isn't technically what I was looking for.
Project Wing: Google’s Drone Delivery Service
What would Google have to deliver? Is it the Philosophy lip gloss I order? Or maybe it's the back-to-school clothes I found on sale? We don't know the answer to what will be delivered but we do know Google will have the ability to deliver it. Introducing: Project Wing.
The Food-Shaming Fork
It's one thing to be aware of your eating habits and the pace in which you're eating - it's another to use a fork that vibrates when you're literally shoveling in the food. The HAPI fork is, as one woman put it, food-shaming us. But does it work?
Man’s Walk Of Shame – On Video
Oh man. This isn't good at all. The story pretty much writes itself: A guy sneaks out of his hotel room to place the room service tray in the hallway. He turns around and the door is locked...he's still naked. Naked dude misses every logical opportunity to get help.
A Life-Changing Starbucks Order
All he wanted was an "Iced Grande Chai" but ordering it was a challenge. He couldn't do it. Being autistic, Aaron couldn't word the order correctly without help from other person. That is, until he met Anisa, a Starbucks barista who changed his life.
Midday Crash? Take A Coffee Nap.
According to science, taking a coffee nap will give us more energy and make us smarter. Mostly. I'm one of those people who can drink coffee and sleep afterwards and I thought I was weird. Turns out, it's all in your timing. You can do it, too - even at work.
Making Rice Krispie Treats Full Time
She went from working with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's fashion company to making Rice Krispie treats full time. Can someone tell me why things like this don't happen to everyone? Here's the thing: It's not perfect, it's just unique.
Children Being Denied Lunch At School
Kids are being refused breakfast (and lunch) at school for an overdue lunch account. The kids have no control over the cause or the solution yet they are suffering the consequences.
Dancing With The Stars Cast Includes Ninja Warrior
ABC hasn't officially announced the new cast of Dancing With the Stars but we can't keep our mouth shut. We'll reveal...and then wait for ABC to confirm it. It seems that this year, ABC has realized the impact of social media and chose people who have the potential to make the show an…

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