Fall Out Boy Announces Upcoming Tour
Fall Out Boy has announced their upcoming stadium tour! The tour goes across the country with dates in Florida, Connecticut, Texas, California and lots of locations in between! Tickets go on sale April 4th.  Their new album "Save Rock and Roll" will be released on April 15th, …
Taylor Swift Red Tour – Opening Night (VIDEO)
Ever wonder what to expect at a Taylor Swift show?  She opened up her Red tour last night in Omaha Nebraska, and here's the video's from her first night on tour!  The tour moves on to a two-night stint in St. Louis on Monday (March 18th) and Tuesday (March 19th)...
The Real Housewives Live Tour
What the BLEEP (Sorry mom) - The Real Housewives are set to go out on "tour"!  What do you think they will do?  Sing show tunes?  Act?  Probably just argue.  ~Erin
In what can only be described as a questionable idea, Bravo revealed its plans for "…
Cee Lo Exits Rihanna’s Summer Tour
Cee Lo Green has apparently decided to give a big “forget you” to Rihanna.
According to the NY Times, the singer dropped out of Rihanna’s ‘Loud’ tour Friday, citing his busy schedule.
Nicki Minaj May Join Britney Spears Tour
Nicki Minaj is reportedly in talks to join Britney Spears on her upcoming tour, the singer confirmed today to MTV News.
"I am in talks of joining Britney Spears, yeah," she said. "I'm in talks about a lot of things, ya know. I don't know -- oops, I did it again."
The tour -- which …

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