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Golden Retriever Loves Guitar (VIDEO)
Last night at our house, my fiance seriously watched this video 10 times.  This Golden Retriever absolutely loves the guitar - and bops his head to the music.  This is a must see for dog lovers!
Video Proves Cheerleading Is In Fact A Sport (VIDEO)
To anyone out there that thinks cheerleading is just something pretty girls (and some guys) do to be popular, check out this video.  You can see the athletic skills that these young men and women have.  Just look at their bodies.  That strength takes time and hard work to achieve...
Bozeman Woman Appears On Ellen Show (VIDEO)
This is 17 year-old Maddi Studer. She is from Bozeman and recently got her wisdom teeth taken out.  During her appointment, a video was taken of her that ended up being a viral video sensation.  In the video she talks about Ellen.  Ellen heard about this and invited her on the show ye…

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