viral video

Insane Cheerleading Toss (VIDEO)
I give cheerleaders a lot of credit.  I think they work their booty's off.  They get tossed in the air with just a "spotter", that sometimes catches them when they fall and sometimes doesn't.  This cheerleading toss is CRAZY.  Take a peak for yourself.…
Booty Shaking Dog (VIDEO)
This made me smile on this Friday morning!  I love dogs, I am an absolute sucker for them! This dog is obviously happy to be with his human!  LOVE the dance moves.  Better than you see in Downtown Bozeman on a Friday night. :)
Feuding Anchors On The News? You Decide (VIDEO)
In Philadelphia, these two lovely ladies wake everyone up each and every day.  BUT sometimes their remarks are a little bit....  well, you decide!  Do you think these jabs back and forth are in good humor?  Or do you think they are being nasty to each other...

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