Beyonce’s Post-Baby Workout Regimen Revealed!
Beyonce hit the town for a second night in a row last night (Feb. 7) and wowed once again. The glowing new mom sparkled in a glittery, sequined navy number at Jay-Z‘s encore performance at Carnegie Hall. She even paid tribute to Blue Ivy with her blue mani, pedi and accessories.
The NFL Quarterback Workout Plan
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There may not be a Super Bowl ring in your future, but you can still get a body worthy of multi-million dollar contract. Although they have the best trainers money can buy, some of the biggest stars in the NFL get lean and strong with surprisingly simple workouts
Week 2 Back At The Gym – A Little Better
Its going slow - way TOO slow. I want what I want when I want it, so this isn't fitting into my plan! The weights were a little easier this week, but I am just so sore everywhere! It's a big boo. However, I did feel like I at least looked like I belonged. It only took about 3 times of going unt…