We will continue to take Thank You's to teachers today for Teacher Appreciation Week!  Every teacher who gets a thank you is entered to win a hanging basket and $100 gift card for the Kenyon Noble Garden Center!  Here's the list so far!

Mrs Bush from Hyalite Elementary, the Secretary at Lamont Mrs. Burkaloo, Doug Kraft from Sacjawea, Mr Clayton from Bozeman High School, Mr. Hanaho from Monforton, Mrs Collins from Monforton, Ms McGargle from Bozeman High School, Mrs Doshier from Emily Dickenson, Miss Sandy from Heritage Christian, the staff at Sage Learning Center and Miss Monica from Southwest Day Care and Preschool,  Ms Willie from Sacajawea , Mrs Lonegan from Belgrade Intermediate, Mrs Tate from For the Love of Learning, Mrs Igo from Heck/Quaw, Mr Burgo from Bozeman High School.Mrs, Ridder from Longfellow, Mrs. Sansouci, Ms Covington from Hyalite Elementary School, Mrs Babcock from Morningstar, Ms Hopkins from Longfellow.Mrs. Stevens from Sacajawea, Mrs. Dore from Morning Star Elementary School and Mrs. Stephens from Morning Star Elementary School! Mr. Walbough in Manhattan, Mrs. Suit at Heck/Quaw, Mrs. Hertz at Belgrade Intermediate, Mrs. Bush at Belgrade Intermediate, Mrs. Brickheart at Belgrade Middle School, Mrs Cooper at Belgrade Middle School, Mrs Renner at Hyalite Elementary School, Mrs Heather Colbert Nehring from Manhattan Elementary School, Ms. Vittone at Emily Dickinson Elementary, Suzy Arndt @ Sacajawea,  Mr. VanZee, Mrs Swanson, & Mr Goede from Heritage Christian, Mrs. Schermele at Heck Quaw in Belgrade, Mrs. Erickson at Heck Quaw, Mrs. Stephens from Chioef Joseph Middle School, Mr. Hannula from Chief Joseph Middle School and Mr. Chris-Tracy Grabowska, Mrs. Thibault from Belgrade Middle School, Mrs. Rocks from Townsend Middle School, Ms. Loure at Anderson School, Mrs. Bills at Anderson School, Mrs. Lackel from Hyalite Elementary, Mrs. Laforge from Hyalite Elementary School, Mrs Janson from Sacajawea, Mrs Ehlers from Harrison, Mr Aurth from Belgrade, Mr Demming from Belgrade, Mr Phumber from Belgrade, Mrs Adams from Belgrade Intermediate, Mrs Smith from Heck/Quaw, Jay Gibb from Heck/Quaw, Mrs. Dean from Morningstar, Mrs Saboda from Morningstar, and Mrs Dehinden from Belgrade Intermediate.

Who would you like to add to the list!  See the personal comments made by some of the parents and students here!