I was talking the other day to my physical therapist about being on time.  I see him three times a week and he is NEVER late to start my appointment.  Never.  I was telling him how great it was because I see him during my work day, and it's important to me to get back in a timely fashion.  He said that he actually gets physically uncomfortable when he is even close to late.  He said he gets irratated, nervous ect.  This got me thinking, I think there is a definite art to being on time.

I admit, I was that girl who was late for everything.  BUT - Radio has taught me to show up before I am supposed to be anywhere.  It's timed to the second, and if you miss something it's pretty obvious to alot of people.  It took a long time to get used to, but now I find myself on time, if not early to most of the places I go.  I also find that now I am on the "On time" side of things - my patience is tested when I have to wait.  Think if everyone you encountered in a day was on time, would your life be simpler?  I think so.  The other day I went to Walmart to get my oil changed and I asked the guy, how long will this take.  He said 30 - 35 minutes.  I was happy!  As I sat there close to an hour and a half later, I was not so thrilled.  All they would have had to tell me was that it would take an hour and a half, then I would have brought my laptop, done some work and hung out.  Now I will not be a Walmart oil change customer again.

It's difficult to be on time for everything.  Kids get in the way, it snows a foot, the dog pukes on the carpet as you leave, ect ect ect.  But I challenge you to give it a shot.  I find myself a lot more relaxed during the day because I am not constantly worried about being late. 

What are your thoughts on this?  Is being on time a big deal or no?