Flash mobs are great! And doing them at the most busy time of the year in malls is even more fun! Here are our favorite Christmas Flash Mobs in no particular order.

It's tough to hear the music over the base ( and screaming recorders) but it's awesome how the dance just keeps on growing.

The Production value on this one is pretty good. There seems to be a favorite Christmas song for Flash Mobs too.

Here's a good one for a us small town fold to appreciate

It's great when the dancers sing too!

Here's what happens when too many people show up to see the supposed to be secret Flash Mob

I love the guy on the cell phone in this singing Flash Mob

This one's great because security shows up...

And this one's not bad. Watch the giant present!

I might start planning to be in an airport on Christmas just for these Flash Mobs

There are tons more online but I hope this puts a little holiday cheer in you!