I will keep names out of this, but one of my coworkers is a soon to be first time dad.  His lovely wife is due soon with a little girl, and it's been fun to watch his excitement grow as the date gets closer.  Tonight, his guy friends are throwing him a man shower.  It takes place at the downtown bars, and starts at The Crystal - nuff said.  I have never heard of this before, but in my opinion I think it's fantastic.  We want men to be great dads, why not a party?  THEN TODAY - on msn.com - this very situation was in the news.Turns out - 1 if 5 men are having these pre-baby parties!  What's your take on this?  Has your man been to a Dad-chelor Party before?  What do you think of these get-togethers?

And do me a favor - if you see a group of guys anywhere downtown tonight - The Crystal - The Rockin R Bar - The Legion - Anywhere ...buy this dad to be a drink :)