The Hunger Games was officially released this past week on DVD, and Ross and I watched it yesterday afternoon.  If you haven't seen it - without giving anything away - Katniss, the main character is chosen by her district as one of two people to represent them in the 74th Annual Hunger Games.  The Games are a battle between 24 young men and women - where they fight to the death on live TV.

I have to admit, I didn't think I was going to like this movie.  Even about an hour into it, I wasn't sure - well, I was wrong.  Without giving anything away - by the end of the film I now cannot wait to see what the sequel brings.  I am going to the library today to try and get a copy of the next book in the trilogy - Catching Fire.  The Hunger Games is NOT for the kiddos - but I really thought it was a well done film!  What did you think of the Hunger Games?