I live at Four Corners and I eat at the Korner Klub probably once a week!  I would be so bummed if they close!!!  ~Erin

Four Corners restaurant might have to close because of concerns about its septic system.

The Korner Klub was denied a restaurant license because it doesn't have a permit for its public wastewater system, the Gallatin City-County Health Board decided Friday.

No current records for the wastewater system exist in the health department's files or at the state Department of Environmental Quality, officials said.

But Korner Klub owner Jerry Ritter said a health officer gave him a wastewater permit in 1985. He said it was lost within county records.

"I don't keep records for 25 years; that's the county's job," Ritter said.

Health officer Matt Kelley wrote Ritter in February, stating that the health department wouldn't renew the Korner Klub's restaurant license until Ritter showed documents validating the septic system.

The rejection stems from a health crisis in 2010 at Camp Fire Lodge on Hebgen Lake, officials said. About 90 people were hospitalized after the wastewater system failed and contaminated drinking water.

The incident was a wake-up call for health officials, Kelley said, a