Yesterday in a District Court in Sidney, MT - both Lester Van Waters Jr. and Michael Keith Spell plead not guilty to deliberate homicide and attempted kidnapping charges in the case of Sherry Arnold.  Both men have potential sentences of death or life imprisonment.  In fact Richland County Attorney Mike Weber has filed a "notice of intent to seek the death penalty" for each defendant.

By now most of heard the horrible story of the fate of Sherry Arnold.  According to reports, she went out on an early morning jog in January and never returned. Spell's girlfriend was the one who called the police - and told law enforcement that they were smoking crack cocaine, and Spell himself admitted that he and Waters had talked about kidnapping and killing a female.  The reports say that while Sherry Arnold was on her jog, the two passed her.  They then turned around and waited for her to jog to them.  Then they grabbed her, there was a struggle and they forced her in the car.  Her body was found months later in a field outside of Williston, ND.