A "Knee Defender" sounds like something we all need on a long flight. I had no idea these things existed until the story of a United flight diversion due to a little spat after a passenger used a Knee Defender.

Knee Defenders are gadgets that attaches to a tray table preventing the person in front of you to decline. This is all fine and good for the person wanting to use their tray table but what about the person wanting to decline?


Let's get real: Declining on a plane really means you're moving your seat back about 1/4-inch from upright. We pretty  much sit leaning forward. It's a mess.


I digress.


The woman who couldn't decline because of this gadget that she turned around and threw water in the guy's face. This is what caused the pilot to do the ol' "Don't make me pull this plane over" move. Although, unlike our parents, he actually did divert theplane.


The Knee Defender, by the way, is $21.95. Their site isn't working at the time I'm writing this or I'd share more.


Denver's 9News has the story.