For the most part, it looks like the winter snow storms have held off until after December, and who do we have to thank? Colton Haynes, Blake Griffin and all the other hott and steamy hunks of December, of course. There’s always one person, though, who stands out among the rest, the MVP of hunks if you will. But who’s hott enough to claim this title and become the Hunk of December?

Whether it’ll be Captain Awesome from ‘Chuck’ or Steve Jones from the ‘X Factor,’ you all now have the opportunity to support your favorite stud. Check them all out below and vote at the bottom of the page.

Swimmers and models

At the Speedo fashion show and the Fatskin3 Racing System launch in London, athletes Christian Vom Lehn, Fabio Scozzoli and Rafa Munoz sported these skin-tight swim attire along with other Olympic swimmers and shirtless models… CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Celebrity trainer

The celebrity trainer based out of San Francisco first grew up in Kentucky, where he spent his youth pitching hay, working on house construction and other physically demanding jobs. Fast forward to the present and Pearman has a thriving fitness career working for Diakadi Fitness, specializing in a number of areas like gymnastics, running and bodybuilding… CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Actor, ‘Una Maid en Manhattan’

Telemundo heart throb Eugenio Siller is back in the new Spanish-language soap drama ‘Una Maid en Manhattan.’ Most of us may have cringed just thinking about the American film version, made famous by Jennifer Lopez, being stretched out into a TV series, but Siller makes the show worth your while… CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Athletes, spokesmen

We’ve got Melih F. Cologlu, Kirk Miller, Shane Raymond, Jamie Alderton and James St. Leger. These ripped — and we mean ripped — hardcore athletes make up part of Team Grenade, the shirtless, British hunks behind the Grenade vitamin supplement… CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Actor, ‘Chuck’

Anyone watch episode of ‘Chuck’ where Ryan McPartlin takes his shirt off? Wait… Never mind. That happens in almost every episode, but it always seems like a pleasant surprise when it happens. Doesn’t it? … CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Host, ‘X Factor’

We all owe Ellen DeGeneres a big “thank you” for getting the ‘X Factor’s’ Steve Jones to take his top off on her show. It really wasn’t that hard — all it took was a simple “I was hoping that you would take what you have on off…” She did give him a black, ‘Ellen’ v-neck as a cover up, though, but for a few moments of glory we got to gawk at the man’s furry abs… CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Olympic swimmer, model

Speedo’s fashion show and the Fatskin3 Racing System launch that took place in London re-opened our eyes to the world of cute-guy swimmers. Lochte, with his smoldering good looks, athletic body and tons of gold medals, clearly stood out from the rest of the US Olympic team… CHECK OUT MORE PICS

UFC / MMA Fighter

The Canadian-bred mixed martial artist is definitely one of a kind. It’s funny when you can recognize some men just by glancing at their bare chests, and this guy’s pectoral region is unmistakable (mostly because of his tattoo)… CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Actor, ‘Teen Wolf’

Colton Haynes follows in the male acting tradition of bulking up to portray a sexy werewolf character, this time for MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf.’ We recently got a taste of his newly-chiseled abs when he revealed them to his ‘Teen Wolf’ producer Jeff Davis, who then put on the show’s Tumblr for the whole world to see (and there’s nothing creepy about that)… CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Star of ‘The Bachelor’

Ben Flajnik learned on ‘The Bachelorette‘ that what doesn’t kill you gets you your own reality show. After Ashley Hebert rejected his marriage proposal on national television, ABC decided to make Flajnik the newest ‘Bachelor.’ … CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Basketball player, LA Clippers

Blake Griffin of the LA Clippers is one of those basketball players who’s really good at basketball, really tall and really hott. You don’t find that in a lot of players… or do you? Perhaps Griffin‘s good looks simply overshadow everyone and everything else around… CHECK OUT MORE PICS


Brad Pitt is definitely one of the sexiest men of all time… and we’re not just talking about the actor. Yes, there’s another hot guy out there with the same name as the famous ‘Moneyball’ star. This Brad Pitt hails from Australia where he’s gained international attention for his boxing skills and amazing upper torso… CHECK OUT MORE PICS


Male models are hot, but male models with tattoos are hotter. Just look at Mateus Verdelho. The 28-year-old Brazilian model’s arms are decked out in glorious designs reminiscent of Ed Hardy logos. Plus, he’ll don a full-fledged beard on occasion, and coupled with his style hairdo and man jewelry makes him the quintessential hipster… CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Actor, ‘Wrath of the Titans’

Ever since Sam Worthington appeared in ‘Avatar’ and ‘Clash of the Titans’ audiences have been endlessly searching for shirtless shots of this English-born actor. Although it seems that the modern, Australian version of ‘Macbeth’ is the primary, if not only source for that, we can only hope he’ll take his top off in ‘Wrath of the Titans,’ out this coming March… CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Musician, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ winner

Let’s be real, practically none of us know who Harry Judd is or what ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ is, but we do know ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ right? Well, it’s real simple: ‘Strictly’ is the UK version of ‘DWTS’ and Harry Judd is the English musician who won that competitionCHECK OUT MORE PICS

We can’t really say Christmas is just around the corner anymore, because it’s officially this Sunday. Even still it looks like many of us aren’t feeling the Christmas spirit. Trust us… there’ve been studies. So, to pump up the volume, so to speak, on our holiday cheer, we’ve put together a little something special just for you: sexy and shirtless Santas! … CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Trainer, model

Most of us seek out personal trainers for two reasons — getting healthier and getting one-on-one time with a shirtless gym fiend. If you’re the kind of person who favors the later over the whole health aspect, than definitely look up Scott HermanCHECK OUT MORE PICS

Actor, ‘American Horror Story’

Dylan McDermott will always be one of the sexiest men to grace the big and small screens, and his portrayal of Ben Harmon on ‘American Horror Story‘ just adds to his appeal. The people over at Buzz Sugar, however, are going as far to say that McDermott had one of the top shirtless television moments of 2011. Are they right? … CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Actor, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ — Model

“I have an inability to know what happiness feels like with a man…” Oh, cry us a river Lady Gaga. You seem pretty happy with Taylor Kinney, your own sexy ‘Vampire Diaries’ hunk… CHECK OUT MORE PICS

Musician, King’s of Leon bassist

Yes, Kings of Leon‘s Caleb Followill and his wife Lily Aldridge are expecting a baby, but don’t let this joyous occasion overshadow the other Followill brother, Jared. He’s the sexy, hipster bassist of the group that’s got so many ladies, including ‘Twilight’ star Ashley Greene, all a fluster… CHECK OUT MORE PICS