Yesterday as I was leaving an appointment, I noticed a new Voicemail message from a number I did not recognize.  My heart sank as I listened.  The message said that there was a civil investigation from the National Legal Corporation, gave me a claim number and a phone number to call within 24 - 48 hours.  I called the number 774-221-8770 immediately, wondering what and the world this could be about.  Well, call numbers 1 through 5 all said "that mailbox is full". And this was under "option 1, option 2 and option 3 that they gave in the menu.  I called an hour later and again this morning, and the call says "please press zero to leave a message".

This all seemed very suspicious to me.  The name given was a name I haven't used in 10 years, and the full voicemails, and no pickup made me wonder.  Thank god for Google.  Turns out this is in face a Fraud company.  They try and tell you that you have a fine of some sort, and take your money.  BE WARE.  Not sure how they got my number - don't give them any of your information!