Yesterday was a life changing day for me - the day the Android phone came into my life.  Now, if you have entered this DROID world - you know what I'm talking about.  If not, let me fill you in on this endless piece of entertainment that is all wrapped up into one pretty little package.

Touch Screen - I had the feeling many times with my blackberry, if I could just touch the screen where I wanted to open it would just be so much easier.  Ta Da - got it with the Android.  I choose the one with the keyboard so I get the best of both worlds, touch screen and easy to type.

Videos - You can watch videos on this thing!  Like, for real videos.  Not on turtle speed, not with crappy sound and color.  Real videos.  That really work.  Nutso.

AP - "There's and Ap  for that" is no bull you know what statement!  There is an ap for everything! Before yesterday, I kind of new what an ap was - but let me fill you in.  One of the most popular right now is the NFL Network.  When you open up with wonder world - you can first choose your favorite team - GO PACKERS!  It then coordinates everything to your liking.  When I pull it up - it has all of the general football news, it has videos of last weeks game, endless cometary, interviews with the players, scores, schedules, ticket I need to continue?  AND, ulike the blackberry - you're not scouring the internet for the info - it's all there in one pretty, easy to use AP.  I have downloaded Ap's for snow reports, entertainment news, local news, weather, games, recipes, music, sports and more - and Ive had this thing for less than 24 hours!

Organization - My boyfriend Ross calls me a "planner".  This little gadget is the ultimate organizer.  One example - it takes all your messages - facebook, texts, work emails, personal emails - and puts them all in one place.  It grabs your schedule from your work email, and syncs it will facebook's birthday calendar - again leaving them all in one place. You can drag, drop, delete ect anything from your home screens.  It's the ultimate personalization in a phone.

Widgets- these can also be put on the home screen.  Local news feeds, weather, airport info - anything you want!

I could go on and on and on - but I am seriously concerned about the future of my relationships now that I have this wonder gadget.  Last night I apologized to my boyfriend for the phone obsession - over facebook - of course on an ap on the new phone - while he sat 5 feet away from me.

I think I'm in trouble :)