A year ago, scientists linked nerve-agent pesticides to the recent collapse in the bee population. California commercial bee keepers have reported a 40% - 50% drop in number of bees. France and Italy are among countries who have banned such pesticides. If the bees continue to die off, will we be able to pollinate our millions of acres of crops in the United States? 

The concern for the proliferation of bees is so great in the UK that you can adopt a hive to help grow the population.  According to the adoptahive.co.uk website, the main causes for bee population decline are:

  • Environmental changes such as the extensive use of pesticides
  • The loss of the flower-rich habitat on which bees depend for food. Natural habitats such as hedgerows, hay meadows and chalk grassland have all depleted over the past 70 years as a result of the intensification of agricultural systems
  • Disease is another serious concern. Varroa is an external parasitic mite that attacks bees and spreads viruses to the bee. A serious mite infestation will lead to the death of an entire bee colony
  • Changing climate. Wet summers can prevent bees from going out and searching for pollen
Are you aware of the bee population problem? Do you believe the end of the bees means the end of our food supply?