Over the past year I have made a real effort into learning how to eat healthy.  I got points straight out the gate because I don't each much fast food - but I new/know NOTHING about healthy eating.  One easy thing I found to change was buying real vs. canned vegis.   I love vegetables - and this part was simple! Here's a great article about Peas!

You can save on groceries by buying in-season produce, and peas are on sale this month. Bursting with vitamin C, B vitamins, protein and fiber, these legumes are versatile and tasty—and only cost less than 35¢ per serving!

Try them in soups, salads, pastas and stir-fries, or enjoy on-the-go as a quick, nutritious snack.

Delicious varieties -

Look for the three most common types of peas at the grocery store to add different flavors to your meals:

  • English: Also known as garden peas or green peas, these have inedible pods, so they must be shelled.
  • Snow: These are delicious whole—simply trim the ends with kitchen shears. They're thinner and more delicate than sugar snaps.
  • Sugar snap: A cross between English and snow peas, these have crunchy, edible pods. Snap off the stems and remove tough strings along the edges.

How do you like to use peas in your recipes?