With the Butterfly Ball happening this Saturday, there seems to be a lot of talk about Princesses and their fantasy worlds going on in our office. I admit my favorite Princess movie is probably Tangled. It's fun, smart and done with the always beautiful Pixar esque animation. That's my favorite Princess movie but I'm a boy so what about my favorite Prince movie?

It may not be your traditional Prince movie but it was a favorite of mine as a kid because it related to real life. My favorite is First Kid starring Brock Peirce as the U.S. President's son and Sinbad as his personal body guard/baby sitter.

The story is actually kind of similar to Tangled because being the first kid, the 'Prince' is isolated to the white house and doesn't get to experience a normal childhood. Of course he begins to break the rules once he meets a special girl. It's one of the many great movies released in the Angels in the Outfield, Blank Check, and Three Ninjas era. Watch the first 10 minutes below.