This week my boyfriend has been out of town - leaving me home alone with my 3 dogs.  Now I am an only child, so I don't mind being by myself one bit. We have went on many long walks.  I have watched SO  many reality TV Shows - Big Rich Texas, Real Housewives of whatever County, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom... I am caught up on them all!  NOW, comes the fun part.  Tonight, I am going to get some sort of horrible food and sit down towatch the ending of the movies I have feel asleep while watching.  Ross is a HUGE movie lover, so needless to say there is a lot of them.  "What did you think of the ending" he'll say - Umm... hmm I reply - and he knows I missed it.  And some of them I really wonder how they turn out! SO Tonight I will watch the endings.  Not the whole thing - just probably the last 30 minutes.  I realize this would drive most people nutso, that's why its my guilty pleasure. What do you do when alone?  When no ones watching?