Rihanna tours all over the world.  She has won 6 Grammy's, 5 American Music Awards and 22 Billboard Music Awards.  To say she has been uber successful is an understatement.  SO, why would I never buy a ticket to one of her shows?  Here's why.

Rihanna is known for showing up HOURS late to her own shows.  In Boston, she was 2 hours late.  When she came out on the stage she was booed. At least one British tabloid alleges Rihanna was late to the Boston show because she was watching the Chicago Bulls play the Miami Heat instead.

In England, another two plus hours late after she was up until the small hours partying with model Cara Delevingne.

She was 4 hours late to a CHARITY event at the United Center in Chicago for students who won a video contest sharing their charity efforts.

Here's just a few more -

- Monaco - 3 hours late

- Birmingham - 2 hours late

- Whales - 2 hours late

- Monte Carlo - 3 hours late

- London - 2 hours late

Does this make you mad?  How long would you wait for your favorite star?