The X Games officials announced  that there will no longer be Snowmobile best trick or Moto X best trick events at any future X Games. Both of these events are super popular, but also very dangerous.  Snowmobiler Caleb Moore tragically died this past January after a back flip gone wrong, that ended with his 400 plus pound snowmobile rolling over him.  According to an ESPN spokesman - "The decision to discontinue the Best Trick events follows, but is not directly tied to, an investigation into the death of Snowmobile Best Trick competitor Caleb Moore in January"

“This change reflects our decision to focus on motor sports disciplines which feature athletes who also compete in multiple, world-class competitions (e.g., professional events and tours) reflecting the highest degree of athlete participation, competitive development and the global nature of our X Games franchise.”

Bozeman and West Yellowstone are known for their involvement with both of these sports.  West Yellowstone is holding the largest Snowmobile Expo in the region this weekend, with the place full of tourists and snowmobile enthusiasts each and every year.  Manufactures display their new editions of sleds, and there is a freestyle show - with many of the riders performing the same dangerous tricks you saw previously in the X Games.  Many freestyle enthusiasts, actually say this sport was created in West Yellowsone.

What do you think?  Should the X Games have cancelled these events?