It’s no secret that America has a weight problem. We love food too much and exercise too little. A life like that doesn’t have many healthy side effects, affordable health care or pants that don’t create muffin tops.

Now science may have an answer for our ever widening waistlines. A new study at Georgetown University Medical Center found that a mutation in a single gene prevents neurons from blocking appetite suppression in the brain and causes massive overeating. How can you tell if you have this abnormality? Keep reading.

1. You call Skittles your “medication.”

2. Your regular hospital bought a crane to use as your ambulance.

3. Your health insurance denied to cover your claim because they don’t consider a forklift a medical expense.

4. Your parents are Orson Welles and Kevin Smith.

5. You consider “Things on a Stick” its own food group.

6. You’re the governor of New Jersey.

7. You work for the state’s transportation department as a road block.

8. The big and tall clothing store will only sell you an outfit if you pay a premium.

9. You once lost the TV remote, even though it was in your hand.

10. You hired a landscaper to mow your back hair.