Thanks to Unofficial Networks, I found out there is a beautiful mansion at Moonlight Basin up in Big Sky and it's for sale. Plus, they just readjusted the price and took 50% off. The only problem with that is...IT'S STILL 15 MILLION DOLLARS! Yeah, $15 million, but I mean, the house seems worth the price tag. It's massive: 6 beds/9 baths and has a sauna and steam room and a heated driveway.

This isn't the house but it's pretty extravagant like the mansion in Big Sky.

I mean, if I had that kind of money, yeah, I would probably buy this house, but the problem is I don't. The only people who do are millionaires/billionaires and celebrities. That seems like the only people who can even afford to live in Big Sky. Let's hope that I win the lottery and I will throw an annual KISS party there during the winter. Wouldn't that be fun? Check out the house here.