My husband is so excited to take our girls to this event...and they are even more excited!

I remember my Dad taking me to a father/daughter dinner when I was quite young.  I remember getting all dressed up and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world that I got him all to myself.

This is a tough thing for dads to do.  Between work, and responsibilities, sometimes special time alone is a tough thing to pull off.

We want you to take a day, and honor the special little girl in your life...because pretty soon...she's going to be too old, and not want to go on special dates like these.

The 2nd Annual Butterfly Ball is fast approaching.  Last year, it sold out, and people had to be turned away at the door.  This year, it's at a bigger venue, but it could very easily sell out again...and I wouldn't want you to have to miss this!  (Or have to explain to your daughter/daughters why you missed it!)

There will be tons of fun events (I'm in charge of the hula hoop contest), Miss Rodeo Montana, games, prizes, and ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery!

Get your tickets right now, and ask out the lovely little girl in your life!  (If dad isn't available, ask grandpa, or brother, or uncle or family friend.)