The "M" that overlooks Bozeman received a facelift over the weekend to get it ready for MSU's homecoming and its 100th anniversary.

According to the MSU News Service, the idea for the "M" emerged in the fall of 1915 when members of the Montana State class of 1918, who were then sophomores, decided they wanted to create a monument to the school. The class used rocks to fill in the "M" that day and returned on another day to whitewash the new letter, finishing it in the spring of 1916.

Below are pictures that were taken of this weekend's "M" project. Thank you, Brenda Boyer for the photos of the work taken on Friday. The last picture is the  "M" after the work was completed (photo taken by Erin Schattauer).

photo by Brenda Boyer
Photo by Brenda Boyer
Photo by Erin Schattauer