You know you've got something special on your hands when you can convince a comedy legend to come out of retirement to star in your movie.

Luckily, that's what happened for Amy Schumer, who was able to book Goldie Hawn for an upcoming mother-daughter comedy she's writing and filming.

Speaking to The Los Angeles Times, the Trainwreck star explained how she met the iconic actress on a flight years ago and immediately approached her about a project she wanted to work on with Hawn.

"I met her on an airplane a couple of years ago and told her there's a movie I really want to make with her," Schumer said, adding, "And she was very nice. 'OK, honey.' She probably thought I was a psycho—'OK, crazy person.'"

Hawn, who has starred in comedic classics like Death Becomes Her, Overboard and The First Wives Club, was not only unaware of Schumer's work, but she also hadn't filmed a movie in 15 years, making the dream casting somewhat difficult to achieve.

Schumer, however, was determined to convince her—and it worked!

"I'd meet her at different things, saying, 'We're making this movie together,' and I think, eventually, some people got in her ear and told her I wasn't crazy, that I make things," the writer-actress shared.

In the as-yet-untitled film, Hawn plays the mother of Schumer's character who goes on vacation after a bad breakup. Hawn comes along fro the adventure and shenanigans likely ensue.

"My character is supposed to go on this trip South America with a boyfriend," Schumer revealed, "but he breaks up with her. And it’s a nonrefundable ticket and she doesn’t want to drink alone."

Don't get it twisted, though: Schumer may be the film's writer and lead, but she's quick to admit she's not its star.

"It’s a Goldie Hawn movie and she’s gorgeous," she said. "Goldie Hawn! I don’t remember the first time I didn't love her!"

Same, Amy. Same.

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