A simple but stunning live video of Amy Winehouse performing ‘Love Is a Losing Game’ on ‘Other Voices’ back in 2006 has landed. It’s another reminder of the talent we lost too soon and too young.

Winehouse, dressed in all black and a silky tank that shows off the smattering of pinup girl tattoos that adorned her arms, was in her prime here. Even with her extreme black eyeliner and teased beehive, which would be definitive signatures, nothing detracts from Winehouse’s 300 horsepower voice. She is backed by a bassist and guitarist while she sings the blues, but it’s all Amy from start to finish. She is totally in her element and she absolutely blooms in front of that microphone.

While this taste of the singer feels like it is from the grave and is incredibly bittersweet, it’s an intimate look at Winehouse while performing live — so if you never had the chance to enjoy Winehouse while on stage and entertaining with her inimitable voice, then this no frills, pretty performance allows an inkling of what it was like. The camera angle and lighting will make you feel like you are front and center, taking it all in.

Watch the Amy Winehouse ‘Love Is a Losing Game’ Video

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