A bar may seem an unlikely place for a haircut, but each year dozens of people fill in to the Filling Station to have their heads shaved in support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital during the annual St. Jude Radiothon on XL Country 100.7.

The event started more than 10 years ago when Bryan Barnhart, Dave Kuhn and the crew at Montana Stucco and Rock heard the radiothon on XL Country and felt compelled to do something to show their support.

They upped the ante a year or so later when they both got tattoos of the St. Jude logo on the backs of their heads.

Dave went under the clippers this afternoon and, as the hair fell away, the small, black St. Jude tattoo was revealed.

Dave and Bryan are strong supporters of St. Jude. They said that first year they just felt compelled to help.

Their head-shaving event has caught on.

“You come in here, you’re getting your head shaved,” Bryan joked to a guy who walked through the Filling Station’s door.

Men, both young and old, climbed onto the stool to have their locks shaved early Friday afternoon. Many, after it’s all done, drop bills into the clear jar labeled “Judes Donations.” Some people return each year just to drop donations for St. Jude into the jar.

About 50 people turned out to have their heads shaved at the event, which raised $1,349 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


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