All of my friends know - when it comes to football, the guy I dislike the most is Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.  He's always got a bad attitude, he visibly gets mad at his team when they make mistakes, and kind of just wines all the time.  Well, now I've got another reason to add to my list.

Jay Cutler is engaged to Kristin Cavallari, the former villain from the MTV show "The Hills".  They were engaged, broke up, had a son together - and then the romantic Jay Cutler decided to propose again.  Did he get down on one knee?  Did he plan something special?  Nope.  He proposed via text.  For real.  She was at the airport flying somewhere so he sent a text, she said yes, and he mailed her the ring.

Wow.  As someone who just got engaged to a man who thought long and hard about how he was going to propose, including getting the OK from my mom, I can't believe that this wasn't just a little disappointing for his future wife.  Just saying.  Do you agree?