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Ariana Grande Unfollows Starbucks On Instagram

After news broke that Starbucks would not let their employees wear anything supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, Ariana Grande, who teamed up with the coffee company for the Cloud Macchiato in 2019, unfollowed the brand on Instagram. (via Just Jared

People Are the Least Happy Since 1970s

A study conducted by the University of Chicago showed that only 14% of Americans are happy, the lowest number since 1972 when the survey was first given. However, 80% of Americans are happy with their financial lives. Most Americans feel that they are bored, lonely or angered easily. (via People

Coronavirus Pandemic Affects Award Shows

The Oscars have been postponed and will now air on April 25, 2021. The Emmys are unsure about how the September 20th ceremony will run, but Jimmy Kimmel has been announced as the host. The BET Awards will air on June 28 on CBS, virtually. (via Just Jared

Win a Zoom Call With Keanu Reeves

Matrix star Keanu Reeves is auctioning himself off to one of his fans. The fan will win a 15 minute Zoom call with the actor. Proceeds from the auction will go to Camp Rainbow Gold, a children’s cancer charity. Bids have already raised more than $10,000. (via Daily Mail

John Legend To Host Father’s Day Celebration

John Legend is hosting a father’s day tribute this Sunday. It will feature musical performances and sentimental moments. Some special guests include Shaquille O’Neal, Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo and many more. (via Yahoo!

California Gym Adds Workout Pods for Precaution

A southern California gym has added workout pods made out of shower curtains so gym-goers feel comfortable returning to the gym after they are allowed to reopen. (via TMZ

Mayan Calendar Predicts End of the World... Next Week

Coronavirus, murder hornets... and now the end of the world? The Mayan calendar first predicted the end of the world would take us all out on December 21, 2012, but new findings suggest the Mayans actually believed the world will end within the next week. Nice knowin' ya! (via New York Post)

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