It's the final countdown.

After seven years of sobbing loudly in a showers while wearing cutoffs, 'Arrested Development' fans can rejoice: The new trailer for season 4 has arrived, and it's even more exciting than a fire (sale).

Netflix released a teaser for the upcoming season, and it looks like it'll be filled to the brim with the awkwardness we've come to know and love in the series.

What's in store for the new season? Michael Bluth is sporting a new, shorter hair cut. George Michael and Maeby -- older and more awkward -- are enrolled in college. Gob's still doing magic, Tobias is still acting and Buster is still being slowly broken down by his mother, Lucille.  

There's also ostriches, a condor, gratuitous spit-takes, stair cars and the glorious return of Kitty Sanchez -- breasts intact.

The new season hits Netflix on May 26, and every episode will be available to stream at once. So take off work, grab a frozen banana and laugh (and laugh and laugh).