The holiday season is upon us, and many towns throughout Montana have huge celebrations to commemorate the season. If you need help getting into the holiday spirit this year, a visit to one of the state's magical Christmas towns is an absolute must.

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One town in Montana is considered better than the rest when it comes to festive holiday traditions and is considered the most magical Christmas town in the state. According to Only In Your State, the town literally transforms into a magical Christmas village. During the holiday season, the town is adorned with festive holiday decorations and has adopted the official title of Montana's Christmas town.

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Before we reveal Montana's best Christmas town, here are a few other towns in the state that take holiday celebrations to the next level.

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What is Montana's Official Christmas Town?

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People from all over Montana travel to Bigfork to witness its festive glory during the holiday season. Bigfork is a small town, but it is a winter wonderland during the holiday season. If you head downtown, you'll notice that almost every single business is covered in holiday decorations. Volunteers known as "Bigfork Elves" work diligently to decorate and spread Christmas cheer throughout town. If you want to see Bigfork in all of its Christmas glory, you need to attend the Parade of Lights, which generally takes place on the first Saturday in December. Grab a hot chocolate and head to Bigfork to get in the holiday spirit this year!

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