After a long week of work, you need a little pick-me-up. One of the best solutions is hanging out with someone special and watching a classic romantic comedy.

One genre of movies that deserves more love is romantic comedies. I started loving these movies when I was in college. I loved seeing films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knight and Day, and more. These films are the perfect date night opportunity and can make you and your company laugh all night.

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I was watching Set It Up on Netflix last night, and this had me wondering, what is the best romantic comedy filmed or set in Montana?

Cinema Joe on TikTok did a deep dive into the Best Rom-Com from Every State, and Montana's pick is a surprise. The Best Romantic Comedy from Montana is a relatively small film called Big Eden.

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Credit: Cinema Joe via TikTok

Big Eden follows a man named Henry, who comes back to Montana to help his grandfather after a stroke and falls in love. The film came out in 2000 and was widely praised due to being one of the first romantic comedies ever released focused on a gay couple.

The film won several GLAAD awards after its release, and the movie is still relevant today. One lovely aspect of this movie is that the entire film, other than the opening sequence, was shot in Montana. Big Eden shot scenes in Glacier National Park, West Glacier, and near Swan Lake.

We will always respect movies set and filmed in Montana, and Big Eden fits that profile. We looked to see if there were any other romantic comedies set in Montana, and the only ones we could find were a few Hallmark Films.

There is Christmas in Montana, A Summer Romance, and a couple of other films, but the only problem is all of these films were shot in Canada. So those films were automatically disqualified.

This weekend, if you want to watch something to give you a few laughs and get in your feelings, check out Big Eden.

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