Snow has fallen, Bozeman! Some of us celebrate it and some of us curse it. I say throw a piece of plastic on the ground and sled it! Read on for the best sledding locations in and around Bozeman. Tell us your favorite locations in the comments. I especially need the help from residents of Belgrade and Livingston on your favorite locations.

  • Peet's hill

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    Peet's Hill is the most popular sledding location within the Bozeman city limits. Located very close to downtown, you can easily tie in your sledding adventure with downtown shopping, a library visit, or lunch downtown. Ignore the protruding grass and various vegetation, once there is one or two more snowfalls the hill becomes completely covered in snow. This hill is the biggest sledding hill in Bozeman and will challenge your cardio with each climb. From time to time you will find skiers and snowboarders using part of the hill to throw some crazy tricks off of jumps at the bottom.

    Couldn't get a photo of it with snow completely covering but it will come
  • Lindley Park

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    Sledding in Bozeman at Lindley Park

    This was my first sledding experience in Bozeman. The hill isn't extremely steep or long but it is very wide. And being hidden by the trees from the sun, the snow tends to remain well into the late Spring months.

  • Bridger Bowl

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    I've only ridden my snowboard here but I've heard countless stories of people sneaking up there at night and sledding down the main run just past the Jim Bridger Lodge. I wouldn't recommend trespassing like this but I still wanted to share it in my list of top sledding locations. Remember the head lamps!

  • Dinosaur Park

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    Sledding in Bozeman at the Dinosaur Park

    Just West of the Dinosaur Park is a giant man-made hill. This hill used to be a large dirt pile but it is beginning to grow some vegetation and the snow covers it very well in the winter. The North side of it remains in the winter shade and the snow trails remain even when the sun is shining. The most diverse sledding can be found here, but beware of the creek that surrounds the hill. You may get wet if you go too fast for too long!

  • Montana Hall Hill

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    If you're stuck on campus studying or in between classes, why not venture to the North side of Montana Hall and sled down to the Bobcat statue by the Chemistry Building? I used to snowskate this hill when I was a freshman but a sled would work just as well. The video above is not of Montana Hall's hill but jsut a video to show what exacty a snowskate is.