What’s more fun than your average backyard party in the summer? One that’s thrown and/or attended by Beyonce, of course.

Beyonce has released a 40-second sneak peek at her ‘Party’ video, and it’s full of bright colors and silly, fun antics. It’s quite a summery clip, featuring Bey in a hot pink one-piece, a ruffled blue and white bikini, with bright, magenta lips, sucking on a lollipop, chilling on a chaise lounge, rocking black cat eye sunglasses, topped off by a black butterfly turban and wrapped in a furry green vest.

She’s also relaxing on a float and having a good ass time. We even catch her throwing cheese doodles at the camera. Judging from Bey’s flat tummy, the vid was obviously filmed early into her pregnancy. Actually, photos from the shoot surfaced a few months back! Little did we know that she was carrying her first child.

The clip and Beyonce’s style are ghetto fab and it’s a nice change of pace from her normally glamazon look. It’s refreshing to see her not so polished or high end. Her former Destiny’s Child groupmate Kelly Rowland has a cameo, as does her baby sis Solange. Rapper J. Cole also pops up in this preview, looking pensive in a sleek ride.

Bey has been releasing videos at a rapid clip lately. She issued the much-maligned ‘Countdown‘ vid, where she was accused of (and quickly responded to) plagiarizing the video. The mom-to-be quickly followed that clip up with ‘Love on Top,’ which dropped without incident. Let’s hope ‘Party’ is a drama-free launch for her. She’s got bigger things to worry about, like that baby that’s growing inside of her!

Watch the Beyonce ‘Party’ Sneak Peek