Okay, Beyonce. We get it. You're not pregnant, you don't have to go around flaunting your impeccable abs just to get the message through.

Queen Bey was snapped leaving Kanye West's 36th birthday party in New York City with her midriff bared for all to see. If there was still doubt about whether she was pregnant or not, that notion has gone bye-bye at this point.

Bey dressed impeccably in her black and white striped skirt and crop top, looking as cool as the day is long in her black beret and round sunglasses. Does she ever have a bad fashion day? The answer is no.

While she's preparing for the North American leg of her tour, Queen Bey was also spotted playing the role of mom with her daughter (and big sister to any future Carter offspring) Blue Ivy at a Brooklyn park. Mrs. Carter was snapped by a fellow playground patron playing with Blue on the swing set. Beyonce looks to be thoroughly enjoying the company of her daughter wearing a black hat and conspicuous sunglasses.

Bey just wants to be a normal mom at the playground sometimes, guys! Can't hate on that!