Media outlets have been spreading rumors about Demi Moore‘s alleged relationship with newby model Blake Corl-Baietti, since both were seen together in LA not too long ago. We know that’s no reason to jump on the gossip train, but wouldn’t he make a hotter boytoy than Ashton Kutcher? Let’s speculate wildly!

If the rumors are true, Moore, 49, certainly hasn’t strayed far from her cougarish ways, what with singling out 26-year-old Corl-Baietti. The girl just wants to have fun.

Is the dude a better pick than Kutcher? Let’s compare. Corl-Baietti describes himself as a “renaissance man” on his One Model Place profile, while Kutcher is more of a “sneaking-around-with-girls-of-ill-repute man” … allegedly. So, yeah, we’d take the model.

Wanna see more of Blake Corl-Baietti? Come back next week and vote for him to become the Hunk of the Week. We’ll throw together a gallery of photos and shirtless shots of the winner for you to enjoy. Plus, if Corl-Baietti gets the most votes, he’ll move on to compete for Hunk of the Month.