With so much going on in the world today, we need an uplifting story every now and then.

The story began when Dan Gabel was hiking with his dog in the Bridger Mountains on Tuesday, September 29.

According to a post on the Bozeman Lost Pet Facebook page, Gabel was hiking from the 'M' to Bridger Bowl and when he lost his dog, Mick, near Saddle Peak. After news spread that Mick was stuck on a cliff, the Bozeman community rallied to help rescue him.

The news quickly spread on groups and social media groups and pages throughout the area.

His owner, Dan Gabel, said that;

Mick was stuck on a cliff on a ridge in the Bridger Mountains for five nights without food or water.

On Sunday, five days after Mick was originally lost, Gabel headed to the Bridger Mountains to search for Mick. Using his binoculars, he was able to spot Mick on a cliff. He was stuck on a ledge just south of Slaushman's around the Boundary Area.


The small black dot inside of the circled area is Mick.

Many residents with climbing gear sprang into action to aide in the rescue.

According to a post by Terry Cunningham on the Bozeman Reddit page, one of the volunteers, Max Cohen was able to make his way up the ridge where Mick was located. After making it up the ridge, Cohen rappelled down, clipped Mick into a harness, and lowered him down to Gabel, who was standing below the recue efforts.

Gabel says that Mick is home safe and perfectly healthy thanks to a community-wide rescue effort.

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