Maybe we do need another hospital here in Bozeman because they need to step up their quality apparently.

MSN Lifestyle came out with a list of the Best Hospitals in Every State and they actually gave a top three for every state and I was quite surprised that Bozeman wasn't anywhere on the list and that's kind of jarring.

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They gave grades out on hospitals on several categories such as patient outcomes, value of care, civic leadership and then an overall grade. Three hospitals got an overall grade of A+ so essentially they all tied. MSN Lifestyle ranked Kalispell Regional at #1, Benefits Hospital in Great Falls #2, and Billings Clinic #3. These hospitals are all known widely for their outstanding value of care and outstanding service.

Is it surprising that Bozeman Deaconess isn't on there? Yeah to be honest. Bozeman Deaconess Hospital is one of the busiest hospitals in the state and have been slammed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe the problem is with the growing population of the Gallatin Valley Bozeman Deaconess can't give the top quality care that they could be.

Bozeman is scheduled to get a new hospital in 2022 from Billings Clinic and they are building out towards where Costco is and that is a pretty good location. That will be a great spot for the massive population of Bozeman in that area.

Listen, Bozeman Deaconess is probably just outside of the top three hospitals in the state of Montana but they obviously could be doing better.

For more details, check out MSN Lifestyle.

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