I knew it was there. I knew I hadn't imagined that tasteful little Delicious Bakery sign dangling over Willson Avenue. So when a coworker suggested we go on a morning walk to find a pastry, I said I wanted to swing up Willson Avenue to see if it was open.

Sure enough, the door was propped open at Delicious Bakery, located right next to Nutshell Naturals. We walked inside to find cases full of cookies, cakes and other goodies.

The clean, soft blue walls and counter area provide a welcoming atmosphere, and we chatted with the owners and some morning patrons.

Turns out Delicious Bakery opened just 17 days ago.

"Not that I'm counting," said Carl McCauley, who co-owns the business with Fran Zelenitz.

McCauley, who previously served in the military, said the reasoning for opening a bakery downtown was simple: they took a good look around the city to see what was needed and that was a bakery. While there are plenty of new sit-down restaurants with full-service kitchens opening downtown, there wasn't a place that offered a good selection of take-away sweets and savory treats, he said.

Glancing through the cases, Thursday's selection included currant scones, blueberry bran muffins, chocolate fudge cookies, ginger snaps, Mexican wedding cookies, spinach blue cheese scones, raspberry and apricot bars, chocolate fudge cake, white layer cake and several other options.

My coworker and I selected a couple of cinnamon rolls to take back to the office for our mid-morning treat. They packed them up in cute little boxes for us. Sure enough, just as the name promised, they were delicious!

Welcome to downtown Bozeman, Delicious Bakery. I'm glad you're close to our office.

Delicious Bakery opens at 6 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday.