Bozeman police arrested a man on Fen Way who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend with a laptop computer. Neighbors called police on Wednesday evening, April 3, after hearing yelling, banging, and screaming coming from the apartment occupied by Corey Murphy and Alexandra Martinez.

After a forced entry into the apartment, police found Martinez unconscious in an upstairs bedroom with fresh injuries that suggested she had been struck.

When she regained consciousness, Martinez told police that Murphy had hit her in the face with a laptop computer, and punched her 9 or 10 times with his fists. The attack occurred after the couple had went fishing near Ennis that afternoon. Martinez was transported to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital.

Murphy was arrested for assault with a weapon, and also strangulation of a partner or family member. The police report states that Murphy consented to a breath test and registered a result of .235.

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