Bozeman went hands free on January 17th of 2012 meaning that you could be stuck with a $100 fine if you don't comply. But what deems a device hands free?

Bozeman Police updated their Facebook page with further clarification of the law stating,

Bozeman's Hands Free Cell Phone Ordinance clarification: Using the speaker phone on your cell phone is still a violation of the city ordinance. We commonly see drivers using this feature, with some holding it in their hands like a mircophone. ILLEGAL! The options are using a bluetooth device or NOT using your cell phone at all while driving. Pull to the side of the road or wait until you get to your destination. Is talking to your friend or co-worker about your weekend plans worth the risk of getting a $100 ticket, getting into a car crash, or even worse, taking the life of another driver or pedestrian?"

Please be safe and follow the law, Bozeman. If you have any questions or comments please post them below in the comments section.